No 1 Bio

In Short/'To The Point' About Me...

I'm a Jazz/Soul/Hip Hop singer-songwriter and professional drummer, born in Bristol, raised in Felton and Blagdon, Chew Valley.

When I perform solo, I sing and play piano and use a live looper to layer beat-boxing and harmonies to create a big one-man sound.

Some of my songs are based on Love, Lust, Loss and Relationships. Often, they are based merely on a feeling or are born out of a sudden impulse of music in my head.

My biggest musical influences include Amy Winehouse, Jose James, J Dilla, D'Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley, Sarah Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis.

When I write and perform, I like to think you can here most, if not all of these guys up in there somewhere....